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Talentless, degenerate, musically retarded, morally ambiguous, all around dick. Just a few words used to describe this marginally talented “artist” ( to use the term loosely). Peddling a sound once described as ” Music you would hear as someone chased you down a darkened hallway with a knife in their hand”. Rob_B traded in the sunny desolation of a Mickey Mouse inspired nightmare ( Orlando, Florida) for the frozen tundra of the post industrial misery that is Michigan, where he immersed himself in the Techno capital’s darkest sounds. Since 2005 Rob has worked relentlessly to polish his own unique take on dance music. Now writing from his underground bunker, Rob promises to bring you gritty, awkwardly exciting, yet always danceable beats . Drawing from influences as diverse as UK NRG all the way to obscure French electro, his production focus is now set on delivering quality Dark Techno/Minimal all the way through driving Tough peaktime Techno. Rob_B promises to bring you strange and awkward music. Enjoy.