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Tom Laws

Tom Laws


Tom Laws is a U.K based Techno Producer, coming from a musical background he started off as a drummer, but soon found his true passion in Electronic music at an early age. His love for the more underground side of music shows in his productions, and his passion is ever present. He found his groove while as a youngster frequently attending some of the U.K’s biggest underground parties, and fell into the free party scene which led a life time passion for electronic music…………….Following Tom’s impressive ending to 2016 with his debut album being released on Italian Dj/producer Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq label, undoubtedly a rising star of the UK Techno scene. In 2017 he will continue to transmit his unique take on contemporary Techno. Specialising in dark, edgy, beats, his music’s shadowy nature is combined with some pretty killer grooves resulting in productions that are as danceable just as much as they are disturbing.